About Us

Youth Sports Draft Days brings the Fun and Fair to League Team Formation.

With remote participation by Head and Assistant Coaches, Parents and Players, everyone can be involved. It’s a blend of the Professional Draft Process, with Youth Sports Team Formation, bringing the Fun and Excitement of The Live Draft Process of Selections, Notifications, Count Down Clocks, Pre Draft Selections and Post Draft Trades, with The Fair Process of Drafting Post Tryouts with Predetermined Orderly Formats.

Coaches make their selection on their turn before their clock expires, the selection notification goes out and the running ticker keeps everyone up to date. Then the next Coach is “On The Clock” to select.

Aside from watching the Coaches taking turns making their selections, Parents and Players can Chat and cheer on the announced selections in the Chat Groups. The Chat Groups can be utilized Pre, Live and Post Draft to communicate with Other Coaches about possible trade opportunities, while Parents and Players can chat among themselves or cheer on the selections.

Youth Sports Draft Days makes Team Formation Fun and Fair! YSDD can be utilized by Any Sports League that wants to have Team Formation.

So when is your League going to join in on The Fun for ALL and participate on making Team Formation Fun and Fair?

“Better Hurry Up,” because “YOU’RE ON THE CLOCK!”