Key Features


Digital Draft Boards

These display the initial Player Pools and Formed Teams as they change and populate in real-time.


Live Draft round

Continuous updates with notifications of selections with pops-ups, the updating running ticker of each selection, and the live populating of Team Rosters, all Live with each Teams selection.


Draft in minutes

With the predetermined selection process set by The League Administrator, the process is straight forward, on time, orderly, fair, and fun!



In addition to notifications and countdown clocks to start and end the Pre-selections, Live Draft Rounds and Post Draft Trade sessions, during the Live Draft Round, when on the clock, if a Team doesn’t make their selection by the time allotted by The League Administrator in the league setup details, that Team is penalized by being “skipped” during that round without a selection and that selection is pushed to the end of the entire Live Draft Round in the same order.

Best Plans

Draft Up to 500 Players (Basically Free)

Max Players


What is Youth Sports Draft Days? Why and Why Should I Use It?

Live Draft Preview

League Admin

It’s an Instructional Walkthru video for League Admins.

Live Draft round

The Entire Draft; PreSelections, Live Draft and Post Draft Trade Session.